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Professional pet sitters vs. dog walking with pet sitting apps. 

Wag’s million-dollar marketing is everywhere.  Billboards, social media, even bus benches–but what should you choose?

First off, dog walking and pet sitting shouldn’t be something on demand.  It should be a nurtured professional relationship with a trustworthy and qualified animal person.

Having a stranger show up to your house to take care of your pet without having met you in advance, is a scary concept.  Going with a pet sitting service with a roster of qualified independent pet sitters and dog walkers who meet you and your pets in advance with a thorough interview, is imperative.   This ensures that you will have an experienced and familiar person handling your beloved pet.  WAG and Rover are apps.  Anyone can sign up, and you don’t need any pet experience to sign up as a walker or sitter for them.  There is very little accountability.

As a client, you also open yourself up to random unqualified walkers, which is unsettling on its own–especially if you have a rescue pet or a pet with special needs.

Dog Camp LA’s network of independent walkers and pet sitters are professional pet sitters. As a company, we focus our efforts not on marketing, but on making sure you get quality care for your prized pets.  We are extremely communicative with our clients, and take pride in the care of your pet.  If you read the news about negligent pet sitters nowadays, the majority of the time they are Wag or Rover sitters.  This is due to a lack of experience or a deficit in caring by part-time “summer job” contractors.  In Silver Lake there are many dog walking and pet sitting options, just don’t be fooled by the “Uber of Dog Walking” cute app.  Wag spends all of their money on their app and advertising, and does not have high standards for the people who walk for them.   With Dog Camp LA, you are getting a company that believes in quality pet care with highly qualified independent pet professionals.  Dog Camp LA has been a fixture in Los Angeles since 1999 and our roster of pet pros have the experience to handle any situation that may arise with your pet.